4 development proposals for the new Energy Sector

“Based and proposed in the Public Policies cross tables by Oil and Gas Alliance». «While I was reviewing the notes of the proposals to be presented, I felt nervous, I’m not sure if its a requirement not to feel them, although my preparation allowed me to hide them, the reality is that I felt the […]

DOS BOCAS Refinery: 4 Key Points for Business development.

Three decades! Yes, 30 years without growth in refining infrastructure where we have had an internal demand for oil that increases at an annual rate of 2.9%, which proposes a national production of gasoline and diesel, that is why the approach is a refinery to guarantee the permanent efficient, timely and sustainable supply of oil.

8 Key Points of the Business Plan Presented by Octavio Romero Oropeza.

By Royer Frutis and Ricardo Ortega We are in times of change, where define ourselves because there is a permanent crisis or go in search of opportunities that are put on the market is the most present decision that remains in the minds of our industry. A business plan is the formal declaration of a […]

The 3 New Trends in the Mexican Sector

Despite the political, socioeconomic and cultural changes offered by each election and change of government, few of us were able to predict an integral context that trends for this 2019 and I clarify, not for lack of capacity or knowledge of the Mexican energy sector, but by the differences of vision and approach of the […]

Announce Next Mexican Petroleum Congress 2017.

The 2017 Mexican Petroleum Congress (CMP 2017) will be held in the beautiful and colonial city of Puebla from June 7 to 10 of this year and corresponds to this time the Engineers College of Mexican Petroleum, A.C. (CIPM), the organization and the development of the same, accompanied in this task by the associations that […]