Vinculación y desarrollo de proveedores del sector energía
Oil and Gas Alliance - Vinculación y desarrollo de proveedores del sector energía


4 development proposals for the new Energy Sector

“Based and proposed in the Public Policies cross tables by Oil and Gas Alliance».

«While I was reviewing the notes of the proposals to be presented, I felt nervous, I’m not sure if its a requirement not to feel them, although my preparation allowed me to hide them, the reality is that I felt the responsibility of presenting concretely those proposals that would boost the business development of our members, accompanied by the leaders in Mexico, also invited that morning.»

I must thank the Energy Commission of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies, chaired by the Deputy Manuel Rodríguez, for the important privilege and for considering allowing me the floor to present those proposals of the companies I represent.

It was in the facilities of the Deputies Chamber where I had the opportunity of presenting the proposals that I share below, these are the result of the joint work of a board of directors formed in 2018 that also worked in 5 different tables of work of the hydrocarbon, gas, electric, refining and services, where at the end more than 500 companies will participate represented by association, chambers, councils and groups as part of a consultation convened by this board of directors where we achieve together with them to contribute to the realization of the National Development Plan 2019-2024, convened by our President of the Republic in alliance with the Concamin.

4 development proposals for the new Energy Sector

Public Policies Cross Tables.

The methodology.

From the beginning we wanted to establish a model that would result in a document where Mexican companies thinking about the welfare and development of our country, externalize the key points to improve business development in our country and also generate an environment of confidence in investing with Mexican companies

Our contribution, based on the cross reference methodology, led us to become, thanks to the support of our advisors and allies, in a binding mean to integrate the associations, chambers and councils into consultation, as well as their respective members to work tables of all sectors.

We conclude with a digital document that presents more than 100 problems and proposes in each one solutions to develop public policies for the benefit of Mexico, this document is available on our website.

Thus, the Public Policies cross tables are a mean of consultation to know the problems and proposals of more than a thousand companies represented by the participating organizations and members that are part of our Red Alliance.

The permanent program in Oil and Gas Alliance

Now, as a permanent program in our group, we link the industry with the purpose of continuing to maintain openness to listen and take the proposals through an executive group formed by the different leaders that are a leading part of the energy sector and also integrate other sub-sector tables represented by the companies that assume the leadership to take the rest of the companies, the consultations or proposals for review, where they will later be taken to the executive table.

We have a cloud storage with access for all participants to consult the analysis documents, studies and supports as well as the final documents.

One of the most common question is: What is and has been the progress or achievement of those actions of the companies involved?

In the terms of what we present, here I write, taken from our documents, the proposals that were considered in the National Development Plan, that we proposed, if with some integrations and modifications where everyone’s leadership was integrated for the benefit of Mexico.

4 development proposals for the new Energy Sector

Based on the foregoing, I listed 4 development proposals for the new Energy Sector, citing the respective paragraphs included in the National Development Plan 2019-2014 (DOF: 12/07/2019):


“No more tax increases. There will be no tax increases in real terms or fuel price increases above inflation. Both these and the electricity tariffs will be reduced towards the middle of the six-year period, when the works of the new Dos Bocas refinery are completed, rehabilitation of the existing ones and the recovery of the generation capacity of the CFE […]»


“Rescue of the energetic sector[…] a purpose of strategic importance for the present administration is the rescue of Pemex and CFE so that they return to operate as levers of the national development…»


“It is a priority to rehabilitate existing refineries, which are in a deplorable situation of abandonment and looting, the construction of a new refinery and the modernization of state-owned electricity generating facilities […] they will receive extraordinary resources for the modernization of their respective infrastructures and their tax burdens will be reviewed.»


“…It is a priority […] the modernization of state-owned electricity generating facilities, particularly hydroelectric plants, some of which operate with 50-year-old machinery and produce, in general, well below their capacity […] The new energy policy of the Mexican state will boost sustainable development by incorporating populations and communities into the production of energy from renewable sources, which will be essential to provide electricity to small isolated communities that are still lack of it […] The energy transition will give rise to boost the emergence of a social sector in the field, as well as to encourage the reindustrialization of the country…»

With more than 100 proposals, our document goes deeper into the search for solutions for Mexico and for all the sub-sectors that participate in the energy sector.

4 development proposals for the new Energy Sector

Our contribution seeks that the companies are heard and this detonates in benefit for the social development and the impulse of the national industry, one of the main concerns of our current president.

Thanks to this permanent work and what we have integrated as a work plan for our members, allies and organizations that decide to join us, there is a document of this first base of proposals which I share and invite you to review it, and consider being part of the development of our country, because as I always share #VaPorMexico


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